Ozolio Features

24x7 Live Streaming

Leverage your location, facility or attraction with our reliable live-streaming solution. Engage your website audience and boost organic traffic. Low-latency live stream provides unique interactive experience that will make your visitors to come back and watch it again and again. 


Sharing and Publishing

Allow your viewers to take a real-time snapshot and share them on social media. Ozolio Sharing Toolbar works seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube. Publish live video events on Facebook Live, YouTube and other supported streaming services.


Media Channel and Preloader

Promote your attractions, activities and partners with preloader advertisement. Replace live stream with other content at night, when your camera is offline or *lacks of enjoyable content. Rotate multiple video clips and live-streams within the same virtual Media Channel.


Embedding and Customization

Customize Ozolio player with our interactive embed-code generator. Add logos, links, and locations that will create awareness and promote your brand. Embed Ozolio player into your website by simply copying and pasting embed-code.


Video Recording and Timelapse

Auto-record a daily time-lapse slideshow and replay this recording at night or when your camera is offline. Diversify your live content by adding the latest recording into channel selector. Download recorded media content and use it for your marketing needs.

PTZ Control and Privacy

Allow visitors to control your PTZ camera or select preset positions. Restrict control bounds to protect sensitive areas. Secure your embed code with Domain Protector. You have peace of mind knowing what websites are permitted to embed your stream.


Statistics and Management

User-friendly setup using the Ozolio dashboard. Analyze performance of all your cameras and channels using statistics reports that include information about visitors, domains, geographic locations, devices and operating systems.


Works On Any Device

Engage your live community local and globally. Ozolio player works seamlessly on desktops and mobile devices. Our goal is to support as much devices, browsers and operating systems as possible to insure maximum distribution of your stream.


About Ozolio

Ozolio is a live HD webcam streaming solution that increases brand awareness, community engagement, website traffic and guest visits to your unique location. We have developed a solution for travel destinations and unique attractions to get the highest return out of their digital marketing strategy by fully leveraging their location, facilities and attractions. Ozolio works with fortune 500 companies and is trusted to provide customized solutions with the highest level of support in the industry.